The Art of Relating

Couples, Individual, Family, and Group Psychotherapy

 License #LU 13788

License #LU 13788

I am passionate about lifelong conscious development and have devoted my adult life to the exploration of healing and well-being. 

It is within our relationships that we learn who we are and have the opportunity to create joy and satisfaction in our lives. Often, however, people are stuck in self-defeating and self-perpetuating patterns which prevent them from fully enjoying their lives.

Therapy sessions offer a unique setting where people learn to grow and change, enhancing the relationships in their lives. 

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Margee is a generous soul with a hawks clear seeing. She possesses a unique ability to hold each individual while creating a safe space for their personal authenticity to be seen and heard in an interpersonal group setting. Clients learn to work with difficult feelings and life situations in a supportive group atmosphere. This encourages the client to bring these newly learned strengths into their personal relationships. They prosper in their careers.
— Donna Meehan
Margee is a kind, compassionate therapist, yet also challenging in the most positive sense. Over my many years of working with her I have grown in many ways, but most importantly have learned healthier ways to relate to myself, and thus the world and people around me. I am a much happier person, able to be extend compassion both to myself and others.
— Client