About Margee

Margee has been practicing psychotherapy since 1986, specializing in work with couples, groups and addictions. She sees the individual in the context of relationship, and considers personal development a lifelong process driven by the dynamics of intimate relationships.

She received her Masters degree from Tulane Graduate School of Social Work in 1985 and was Licensed in CA by 1987.

Margee began her career as an Associate of The Couples Institute in Menlo Park from 1988-2001, working with Ellyn Bader, Ph.D and Peter Pearson, Ph.D.  Margee is certified in EMDR, Divorce and Custody Mediation and Group psychotherapy. She led the parent support group at Charles Armstrong for five years and works with learning differences and families with special needs children. Margee has designed and led numerous structured educational workshops and started over 10 dynamic therapy groups. She leads four adult process groups today, ongoing since their beginning in 1988. She’s a member of NASW and The Group Psychotherapy Association.

Margee began integrating the body/mind connection in 2001 with the study of Tae Kwon Do. She earned her Black Belt in 2006, after years of mental, physical & spiritual training, and continues to train today. Margee’s formal education with body/mind connections began in 2006 with the study of Rosen Method Bodywork. Rosen Bodywork is a simple yet potent therapy pioneered by Marion Rosen to access unconscious feelings, attitudes and memories. She studied directly with Marion Rosen until Marion’s death at 97 and became a certified Rosen practitioner in 2010. While the primary focus of Margee’s work is still relationship, her experiences as a Rosen practitioner adds depth, awareness and intuition developed in the intense Rosen training process of learning to read the language of the body.

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