Since 1986, Margee works with couples, individuals, families and groups, specializing in various forms of therapy to facilitate self-development.


Relationship Dynamics  

Therapy centers on our internal dialogue, our thoughts, and our beliefs about ourselves as individuals and in our relationships.

Addictions and Recovery Work 

For individuals interested in all stages of recovery and post-recovery development.

Family Dynamics 

Therapy focuses on family systems, parenting, understanding and managing learning differences or individual family members.


In group, members focus on topics relevant to their lives as well as their interactions with other group members. Members challenge and support each other, as each develops the ability to offer direct and honest feedback. The personal development of each individual is balanced with the well-being of the group as a whole.

Current Group Schedule

Women's Psychotherapy Group
  Thursdays 4 - 5:40pm

Men's and Women's Psychotherapy Group
   Tuesdays 12:30pm – 1:55pm
   Tuesdays 4 – 5:30pm
   Tuesdays 5:50pm – 7:20pm