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About Margee Wapman, LCSW, RMBP, Menlo Park Psychotherapist

Margee Wapman, LCSW, RMBP

The Art of Relating

Couples, Individual, Family, and Group Psychotherapy


More About Margee Wapman, LCSW, RMBP

margee wapman paintingMargee Wapman, LCSW, RMBP has been practicing psychotherapy for over 30 years, with a private practice in Menlo Park, CA since 1987. Margee sees people through the lens of relationship, and specializes in working with relationship dynamics. She works with couples, individuals, groups and families, ever mindful of the larger context of a person’s life.

Margee earned her Master’s Degree from Tulane Graduate School of Social Work in 1985, and was licensed in 1987. She began her career as an Associate of The Couples Institute in Menlo Park (1987 to 2001), where she was trained and mentored as a Couples Therapist.

Margee’s passion for learning and development led her to study with leading couples therapists across the country.

Her love of group therapy began in graduate school. She designed and led numerous structured workshops and created over 10 long term, dynamic therapy groups.

Today, Margee leads four of these original adult process groups, ongoing continuously since 1988.

Margee’s best known for her work with relationships, addictions and recovery. She works with couples, individuals, groups, and families, in all stages of life, addiction and recovery. Margee’s certified in EMDR, Divorce and Custody Mediation, Group psychotherapy and Rosen Bodywork.

By 2002, Margee had begun to integrate the body in her work, influenced by her martial arts training. She began exploring Rosen Bodywork in 2006, for relaxation and physical recovery, while training intensely in TKD. Excited by the combination, she continued both for many years. She earned her Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do in 2007. She was certified as a Rosen Method Bodywork Practitioner in 2010.

Rosen Method Bodywork is a healing form of body work pioneered by Marion Rosen, allowing access to unconscious feelings and memories buried under muscle tension. Margee studied directly with Marion Rosen, and developed a close personal and professional relationship with her in her last years of life.

Since 2014, Margee’s been influenced by Myrna Martin and the pre and perinatal based attachment informed therapy. Margee has a unique style of her own, an integrated synthesis of 30 years of study and direct clinical experience.


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