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Psychotherapy In Melo Park, CA | Margee Wapman, LCSW, RMBP

Margee Wapman, LCSW, RMBP

The Art of Relating

Couples, Individual, Family, and Group Psychotherapy



Margee has worked with couples, individuals, families and groups since 1987. Margee works with the dynamics of relationships, to enhance satisfaction and facilitate personal development.


Relationship Dynamics

Therapy centers on an individual’s internal dialogue, thoughts, and beliefs held about themselves, both as individuals and in relationship.

Addictions and Recovery Work

For individuals interested in exploring addictive tendencies, all stages of recovery and post-recovery development, and the issues of relationship inherent in addiction and recovery.

Family Dynamics

Therapy focuses on patterns of relating, establishing and maintaining boundaries, parenting, understanding and respecting individual family members, establishing communication, airing feelings and bringing taboo topics to the table.


Members raise topics from their lives as well as interactions with fellow group members. Members challenge and support each other, learning how to receive and offer direct and honest feedback in constructive ways. The personal development of each individual is balanced with the well-being of the group as a whole.

Current Group Schedule

Women's Psychotherapy Group

Thursdays 4 - 5:40pm

Men's and Women's Psychotherapy Group

Tuesdays 12:30pm – 1:55pm
Tuesdays 4 – 5:30pm
Tuesdays 5:50pm – 7:20pm


For More Information
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